Asshole != Success

Asshole != Success

The InterWebs are still full of articles that hold up Steve Jobs as the model of how to lead and succeed. There are now a number of books on Amazon that are all about Jobs as a leader/manager.

News Flash: Jobs was a asshole and succeeded despite his assholerly, not because of it.

I’ve worked with a lot of jerks — most have nowhere near the talent and insight that Jobs had. But like Jobs, they’re usually intolerable victims.

Usually they don’t have much success, but sometimes they do have one or two successes with a product or business despite their horrible personalities. After that they’re intolerably intolerable — they can do and say anything they want to their cadre of enablers. Alas there is never any shortage of enablers.

I’m much more careful these days about interacting with bullies and assholes — I hope you are too.