343,915 Games

343,915 Games

As of March, we’re at 343,915 games in the App Store, at a rate of 130 new games per day.

Think of it: 343,915 games at your fingertips — if you spend just five minutes on each game for 12 hours per day, 7 days per week, it would only take you about six and half years to try them all, and as you finish the last one, you’ll have over 300,000 new additions to check out! And that’s just games in the App Store — there are even more on Google Play!

Isn’t that just incredible? Isn’t Apple (and Google) amazing? I mean, they’ve really changed the landscape. We’re talking well over 300,000 shitty games developed by amateurs, and several hundred games that people actually play, developed by data analysts and suits who had, or raised, enough money to exploit the market.

Of course there are periodic hits that seemingly come from nowhere (you know, the Jobs-Woz garage developers who hit RPRT*), and that’s enough to keep the myth alive that anyone, with the mettle and motivation, can become a success!

Oh what a world of opportunity! All my ex-game developer friends were positively sick of making a living developing games anyway. Why, any one of them now has the chance to start anew and maybe even become successful enough to drop $30 million on a little privacy!

Apple and Google — Steve (RIP), Tim, Larry, Sergey, Eric, I don’t say this often enough: You guys are like gods really! Like good little warlords, you raped and pillaged software (especially games!) the world over. You figured out how to redistribute the wealth right up the ladder. You turned software distribution into a downright software exchange, reminding us of that great scene in the movie Trading Places:

Billy Ray: No thanks, guys, I already had breakfast this morning.
Mortimer Duke: This is not a *meal*, Valentine. We are here to TRY to explain to you what is we do here.
Randolph Duke: We are ‘commodities brokers’, William. Now, what are commodities? Commodities are agricultural products… like coffee that you had for breakfast… wheat, which is used to make bread… pork bellies, which is used to make bacon, which you might find in a ‘bacon and lettuce and tomato’ sandwich.
[Billy Ray turns and gives a long look at the camera]
Randolph Duke: Randolph
Randolph Duke: And then there are other commodities, like frozen orange juice… and GOLD. Though, of course, gold doesn’t grow on trees like oranges.
Randolph Duke: Clear so far?
Billy Ray: [nodding, smiling] Yeah.
Randolph Duke: Good, William! Now, some of our clients are speculating that the price of gold will rise in the future. And we have other clients who are speculating that the price of gold will fall. They place their orders with us, and we buy or sell their gold for them.
Mortimer Duke: Tell him the good part.
Randolph Duke: The good part, William, is that, no matter whether our clients make money or lose money, Duke & Duke get the commissions.
Mortimer Duke: Well? What do you think, Valentine?
Billy Ray: Sounds to me like you guys are a couple of bookies.
Randolph Duke: [chuckling, patting Billy Ray on the back] I told you he’d understand.

*Right Place, Right Time