Things That Persist, Persist

“Things that persist, persist; things that don’t, don’t.” Steve Grand

Southern Oregon is a beautiful area of the country noted for its granite mountains, verdant crests and sloping highlands to the east, huge forests of pines to the west, and a diverse array of wildlife. The area is perfect for trail running.

While spur-of-the-moment exploration runs are fun, greater challenges are had with a little planning. A well-planned trail will have a balance of steep grades and flat stretches, as well as a few alternate off-shoot routes to mix things up a bit. It should be strenuous but doable, with at least one hill steep enough that anything resembling a running pace is impossible.

When you’re cranking up a hill like that, you slow practically to a crawl. Moments take root — like climbing Maslow’s Hierarchy by way of Zeno’s dichotomy. Each step is half as effective as the last, each breath twice as laborious. Pain becomes a work-through instead of a work-around — and your will persists. Memory and imagination fade while the moments arise. Time later for rebuilding and reflecting. Watching the moments, Self is in clear view.