Game Developer Funding Events

This is the first post of an ongoing list of game developer funding events, to keep more explicit track of the frequency of non-traditional game-related funding (usually by VCs) that’s going on in the industry. I’m not including Kickstarter events at this point (would be too much of a timesuck) and the list is not meant to be definitive by any means — it’s just a few bits here and there that show up on my daily webtrek, which includes excellent resources like VentureBeat’s Deals Channel. The list is only for actual game developers or studios.

August 2012

Company: Innovative Leisure
Funding SourceHummer Winblad
Amount: Undisclosed Seed round
Summary: Seamus Blackley is “focused on building games for ‘the new arcade’ of iOS devices”. Team includes Ed Rotberg, creator of Battlezone; Owen Rubin, creator of Major Havoc and Space Duel; Rich Adam, creator of Gravitar and co-developer of Missile Command; Ed Logg, co-creator of Asteroids and Centipede; Dennis Koble, creator of Touch Me and Shooting Gallery; Tim Skelly, Cinematronics arcade game designer; and Bruce Merrit, creator of Black Widow. [Source: VentureBeat]

Company: Funium
Funding Source: Family Odyssey with participation from angel investors
Amount: $1.8m
Summary: Funium originally raised $1.2 million in 2011 to build Family Village, which became available in pilot mode in June 2012. [Source: VentureBeat]

July 2012

Company: Social Point
Funding SourceIdinvest Partners and other funds including BBVA and Nauta Capital
Amount: $7.4m
Summary: Founded in 2008. Several social games in the last 18 months including Social Empires, Social Wars and Dragon City. Over 15 million MAU as of June 2012. [Source: MarketWatch]

Company: Phoenix Guild
Funding Source: Unnamed VCs, YouWeb
Amount: $1.1m
Summary: Founder Jason Citron (of Aurora Feint fame) said, “It seems obvious to me that core gamers are moving from PCs to other devices and tablets,” and Phoenix Guild’s goal is to provide great core games on those new platforms. [Source: TUAW]