A Good Place to Work?

I’ve been a fan of Ben Horowitz for years, certainly of his success as an investor and businessman and definitely of his writing. I’ve quoted some of Ben’s past posts to others, found many of his themes to be fabulous food for thought, and always look forward to reading his blog. And I usually learn something from his writing.

Alas, not this time. It was quite a surprise to read his recent post, A Good Place to Work. There’s some discussion about it here, including a response by Ben (which makes me feel a little better, but not much).

Purely selfish of me (after all it’s his blog, he can say whatever he wants!), but I hope Ben decides to write another post to clearly explain the choices he made in A Good Place to Work. Up until this point I’ve been a believer in Ben as an authority on leadership and management, and I want to get my warm-and-fuzzy back.